The law of trade names and personal names

The protection of a firm’s name and commercial designation is no less important in terms of competitive significance than the safeguarding of trademarks. Company names, like trademarks, are the “memory” of consumers’ positively perceived ideas about a company, its products and advertising presence. They include branch names, product group designations and also often the names of Internet shops. Personal names also have a close connection with company names. Names are a part of personality. Personal names also often form an integral part of a company name. This personal right deserves to be protected and observed.

Our representation and advice on protecting names encompass:

  • Giving and answering warnings under the law of names and trademarks.
  • Enforcement of our clients’ rights to company and personal names both in and out of court against trademark and product pirates, particularly on the Internet.
  • Advice on choice of suitable company names.
  • Legally safeguarding and documenting the protection of company names.
  • Conducting and evaluating research on company names.
  • Checking Commercial Register publications for any likelihood of confusion in company names.
  • Advice on company name aspects of company takeovers.
  • Legally safeguarding and protecting the names of celebrities and other personalities in the news.