Competition law

Effective competition requires rules that impede the improper exertion of influence on consumers and unfair obstacles to competitors. As a law firm with a long tradition of expertise in competition law we have been supporting our clientele in proceedings against rivals who do not stick to these rules for more than 50 years. We also help to avoid competition law problems by guiding our clients through the market appearance and promotion process and, in doing so, opening up and using opportunities within European competition law.

Our range of services includes:

  • Giving and answering warnings under competition law.
  • Judicial enforcement of competition law restraint actions, especially interlocutory injunction proceedings.
  • Submission of protective letters to avoid interlocutory injunctions against our clients, both to the relevant district courts and to the electronic register of protective letters.
  • Checking Internet presence, business models, advertising campaigns and other marketing activity.
  • Proceedings against product pirates even in the absence of registered intellectual property rights via so-called “supplementary protection of creative property under competition law”.
  • Collaboration with trade associations in the anonymous pursuit of competition violations by competitors.
  • Representation and advice on issues of industrial espionage and safeguarding of trade and business secrets.