Copyright Law

Creative works deserve protection and recognition. So copyright grants creators exclusive rights to use their works and safeguards originators’ intellectual and personal relationship to their works. As authors of academic works ourselves as well as businessmen, we fully understand the emotional link that authors have with their works and the financial significance of copyright-protected works as business assets. In light of this we are able to advise and represent our clients on all aspects of copyright law.

  • We give and answer copyright warnings, conduct copyright infringement actions and defend our clients against unjustified allegations of breach of copyright.

  • We give advice and act in copyright issues with regard to e-commerce and the Internet.

  • We assist our clients in obtaining proof of priority to support proprietorship and the date of origin of their copyright.

  • We draft copyright user and licensing agreements.

  • In its landmark “birthday train” judgment of 13.11.2013, file number I ZR 143/12, the BGH [Federal Supreme Court] changed its earlier practice and ruled that works of applied art do not have to meet different higher requirements for copyright protection than are applied to non-utilitarian art works (so-called “fine arts”). We advise clientele on the consequences of this change in case-law which creates new leeway, plus its effect on existing licensing agreements.

  • We advise and represent clients in the copyright protection of their data.