Practice Areas

We advise and represent our clients – at a national and international level – in particular by filing, securing and defending their intellectual property rights by means of prosecution.

We support you in the following practice areas:

Contract law

The modern business world demands regulation of a huge variety of complex dealings between companies as well as between companies and private individuals. The vast panoply  of legislation that has to be observed and the forward-looking resolution of typical disputes that might arise means that the professional services of an experienced lawyer are required. 

Real estate law, commercial rental law & residential tenancy law

All kinds of legal issues arise when buying and selling property, as well as in the rental sphere. The support of experienced and competent lawyers ensures that dangers are  anticipated at an early stage and that both legally sound and commercially acceptable solutions are demonstrated which take account of the specific features of a particular  case.

Employment law

Business success requires a reliable competent and contented workforce. It is the job of employment law to constantly ensure that this is the case, whilst at the same time achieve a  reasonable balance between the various frequently conflicting interests. 

Antitrust law

Violations of antitrust law run hand in hand with high risk of liability and substantial fines. Our aim is to enable our clients to avoid such risks or, in any event, to make them manageable.

General Terms and Conditions

Modern business without General Terms and Conditions (GTCs) is virtually inconceivable. GTCs help to standardise and accelerate business deals, to optimise processes and reduce liability risks.

Distribution rights

Good distribution provides the thrust for every business. The right choice and structuring of a distribution system and its contractual foundation is therefore all the more important. Against a backdrop of heightened competition on markets the smooth running of distribution procedures is a prerequisite for the generation of sales and customer loyalty.

Data protection law

There is growing awareness of data protection amongst companies, supervisory authorities as well as consumers. This means that data protection requirements have to be taken into account early on when considering transactions and outsourcing projects.

Licensing law

We have many years of experience in drafting licensing agreements for the use of industrial property rights. We advise and represent clients on granting and obtaining licences, from the first point of contact with contracting parties right up to the execution of licensing agreements and beyond. We pay particular attention to ensuring that clients’ licensing agreements comply with cartel law.

Domain name law

Your firm’s name and trademarks are valuable assets. Especially on the Internet.

Personality and media law

In personality and media law we focus on protecting the personalities and private lives of our clients and their families. We obtain cease and desist orders for our clients, who include well-known actors, prominent sportsmen and women and members of the aristocracy, and also assert withdrawal orders, rights of reply and claims in damages. Our expertise also extends to the drafting of licensing and advertising agreements.

Collaboration on patent law

We advise and represent clients in patent infringement, objection and annulment proceedings in association with the patent lawyers, Beyer Patent- und Rechtsanwälte. Our range of services also encompasses the drafting of know-how, patent licensing and R&D contracts and advice to inventors and employers on rights to employee inventions. Patent applications are drawn up and filed by our cooperation partner, patent lawyer Dipl.-Ing.

Copyright Law

Creative works deserve protection and recognition. So copyright grants creators exclusive rights to use their works and safeguards originators’ intellectual and personal relationship to their works. As authors of academic works ourselves as well as businessmen, we fully understand the emotional link that authors have with their works and the financial significance of copyright-protected works as business assets.

Competition law

Effective competition requires rules that impede the improper exertion of influence on consumers and unfair obstacles to competitors. As a law firm with a long tradition of expertise in competition law we have been supporting our clientele in proceedings against rivals who do not stick to these rules for more than 50 years.

The law on designs

“Ugly doesn’t sell”. This motto of the well-known 20th century industrial designer Raymond Loewy from the fifties is more apposite today that ever. Anybody wanting to stand out in the market needs to have products with a good and innovative design.

Indications of geographical origin

Terms such as “Champagne”, “Dresdner Stollen” and “Parma ham” are indications of geographical origin. They promise quality and tradition and stand for stability in product features. These indications may only be used to designate products which satisfy the requirements as to the origin and, where appropriate, quality standards promised.

Titles (music, films, books)

Titles are names of works, especially works of a musical, artistic, scientific and literary nature. A title is the catch-all term for the efforts of the creative mind that has generated a work and for the investment that has gone into creating its value. It embodies the successful story, brilliant screenplay or catchy refrain.

The law of trade names and personal names

The protection of a firm’s name and commercial designation is no less important in terms of competitive significance than the safeguarding of trademarks. Company names, like trademarks, are the “memory” of consumers’ positively perceived ideas about a company, its products and advertising presence. They include branch names, product group designations and also often the names of Internet shops.

Trademark Law

Everything that a firm does is reflected in its trademark: from the quality of its goods and services, the investment that it makes and its whole advertising image right up to the friendliness of its staff. In a world of saturated markets the trademark has become the face of a business in the market and this great asset has to be protected. Without fail.