Titles (music, films, books)

Titles are names of works, especially works of a musical, artistic, scientific and literary nature. A title is the catch-all term for the efforts of the creative mind that has generated a work and for the investment that has gone into creating its value. It embodies the successful story, brilliant screenplay or catchy refrain. Effective title protection is therefore essential to the commercial success and merchandising of each and every work.

Our services in the law on titles encompass:

  • Advice on choosing suitable titles for works.
  • Safeguarding and documenting the legal protection of titles of works.
  • Conducting and evaluating research on titles of works.
  • Advancing protection of titles of works by way of title protection notices.
  • Representation and advice on expanding title protection to merchandising products.
  • Giving and answering warnings under the law on titles.
  • Enforcing rights to titles against conflicting trademarks as well as trademarks registered by people jumping on the bandwagon after a work has appeared.
  • Enforcing rights to titles of works against product pirates.