Indications of geographical origin

Terms such as “Champagne”, “Dresdner Stollen” and “Parma ham” are indications of geographical origin. They promise quality and tradition and stand for stability in product features. These indications may only be used to designate products which satisfy the requirements as to the origin and, where appropriate, quality standards promised.

We have many years of experience in securing legal protection for indications of geographical origin and in proceedings against companies that make unauthorised use of geographical indications. Our range of services includes:

  • Developing strategic concepts for the use and protection of indications of geographical origin.
  • Applying for designations to be entered in the register of protected designations of origin and geographical indications kept by the EU Commission.
  • Registering indications of geographical origin as collective marks.
  • Advice on founding brand associations and drawing up regulations prior to registering collective marks.
  • Drafting and submitting individual applications for indications of geographical origin to be registered along with trade acceptance of marks.
  • Arranging surveys of the perception of indications of geographical origin in the market.