Distribution rights

Good distribution provides the thrust for every business. The right choice and structuring of a distribution system and its contractual foundation is therefore all the more important. Against a backdrop of heightened competition on markets the smooth running of distribution procedures is a prerequisite for the generation of sales and customer loyalty.

We are lawyers with many years of experience in distribution rights.

  • We advise on the selection, implementation and restructuring of distribution systems.

  • We draft contracts with distributors, dealers and franchise holders as well as other types of cooperation agreements.

  • We advise and represent clients on all issues of distribution cartel law, having regard also to relevant block exemptions.

  • We assist clients in the creation of selective distribution systems.

  • We draft licensing and exploitation agreements.

  • We advise and represent clients on the ending and winding-up of distributorships, especially in relation to notices of termination, entitlement to compensation, revocation claims and post-contractual restraint of trade.

  • We advise and represent clients in warranty and product liability cases both in and out of court.