Employment law

Employment law


Business success requires a reliable competent and contented workforce. It is the job of employment law to constantly ensure that this is the case, whilst at the same time achieve a 

reasonable balance between the various frequently conflicting interests. 

We advise and act for employers, groups of undertakings and employees on all aspects of individual and collective employment law, from support in everyday dealings right up to the 

supervision and monitoring of restructuring and redundancy measures.

We peruse and draft employment contracts and directors’ service agreements and advise on their implementation.

We give advice on all matters relating to restraint of trade and confidentiality clauses.

We advise and act for clients when giving or responding to warnings and dismissal notices as well as on the conclusion of specific types of severance and termination agreements.

We provide advice on implementing business transfers and operational changes, including obligations relating to reconcilement of interests and social plans.

We advise and act for clients on the conclusion of works agreements and collective bargaining contracts.