Data protection law

There is growing awareness of data protection amongst companies, supervisory authorities as well as consumers. This means that data protection requirements have to be taken into account early on when considering transactions and outsourcing projects. Otherwise there will be a threat of substantial fines or even injunction proceedings by competitors and therefore a risk that projects will not be able to go ahead.

We have many years of practical experience in advising businesses on data protection law. We set great store here by the specific features of particular sectors – for example, telecommunications companies (which also number amongst our clientele) are subject to special requirements due to their use of sensitive data.

Our range of services in data protection law includes:

  • Advising on the legality of projects in terms of data protection law, e.g.

    • outsourcing of business sectors

    • taking advertising action, especially telephone and email advertising

    • in-house / group data processing

    • data processing with a foreign connection

    • contract data processing

  • drawing up and checking contract data processing agreements

  • advising on and examining data protection consents, especially to the use of data for advertising purposes, having regard to relevant rules of competition law

  • drafting data protection statements

  • advising on the rights of parties affected by data processing

  • advising businesses in the event of unauthorised access to (sensitive) customer data (“data theft”) – from penalising unauthorised access, measures to be taken against the customers concerned and notification to regional data protection authorities, right up to developing strategies to create secure data structures