Marken und Kennzeichenrecht - Handbuch zum deutschen und europäischen Recht 2. Auflage


The second edition is reviewed as follows:

„Paul Lange, lawyer and honorary professor as well as an expert on industrial property, has produced the second edition of his comprehensive handbook on the law of sign protection. His penchant for universal consideration of everything that can be used to describe goods and services or corporate entities and private individuals now leads him also to an annotated study of the Commercial Code law on the use of company designations, protection of indications of geographical origin, the law on names and the asset element of personality rights plus Internet law relating to trademarks and other distinguishing signs. It is no wonder that this work – even now in a readable typeface – borders on two thousand pages long, has 6589 paragraph numbers and in some of its ten chapters has over six thousand footnotes (e.g. § 7 Scope of protection). And all by one person – respect!

This thorough handling of case-law in both EU and national courts gives those researching the law an assurance that they are treading a safe path. But even lateral thinkers (without whom the law might become fossilised) will find Lange’s work a great incentive to look at a case in a particular light and maybe also influence court judgments. Let us remember what my predecessor in office had to say in his review of the first edition (Erdmann, GRUR year 2006 page 835 [836]): Once you have used this handbook you will refer to it again and again.“
Presiding Federal Supreme Court Judge (retired) Dr Eike Ullmann, Karlsruhe, GRUR 2013, 270

“This work simply demands respect. Such an extensive and comprehensive handbook on German and European trademark law written by a single author is almost inconceivable, apart from Fezer’s Commentary on Trademark Law. The outcome is truly positive; hence its very first edition was quite rightly enthusiastically received and unanimously praised by Teplitzky (WRP 2006, 489) and Erdmann (GRUR 2006, 835). The author, Paul Lange, Honorary Professor and Düsseldorf attorney specializing in intellectual property, knows all about trademark law from his decades of practice as a consultant to major industrial companies, which is one of the major advantages of this book with its consistently enormous practical relevance in presenting material. The fact that this handbook has ultimately been compiled by a single author enables him to give a commanding overview of the whole of the material and avoids the overlaps and discrepancies typical of other handbooks and commentaries, although – it should also be noted here – this might sometimes lead to fruitful discussion within a work. ...”
Dr Lucas Elmenhorst, WRP 2013, 253.